The Mattress Machinery Classifieds Website

Privacy Policy

Mattress Machinery Mart values and respects the privacy of its customers. The following Privacy Policy explains the way Mattress Machinery Mart uses, stores and protects the information customers provide to its website. All employees of Mattress Machinery Mart are required to follow clearly defined privacy guidelines. Any breach of these terms could result in disciplinary action for the employee, or, in the case of Mattress Machinery Mart participants, termination of usage rights.

Mattress Machinery Mart offers an Internet platform for online auction / tender and classified ads in the business-to-business-operation through its web-site www.mattressmachinerymart.com as market forum for used Mattress Making Machinery.

1. Scope of Application

When participants register for an Auction/Tender of Classified Sale, make an offer or submit an acceptance or a bid with Mattress Machinery Mart, it grants its approval with the application of this Privacy Policy and gives its express consent to the processing of its information as outlined below.

2. Storage and Use of Information

A participant of an Auction/Tender of Classified sale submits certain personal information (like email addresses, names/business names, contact persons) as well as certain demographic information like addresses/business addresses, fields of business, offers for sale and acceptances or bids. This information may be stored and used by Mattress Machinery Mart at its premises to:

  1. monitor performance, utilization of features and services, traffic trends and browser versions of Mattress Machinery Mart.
  2. inform participants about products and services on the website, (direct) marketing or promotional offers or notices of Mattress Machinery Mart.

Furthermore, this information may be transmitted:

  1. to third parties in order to comply with every valid legal process to protect Mattress Machinery Marts rights and property or in special emergencies where physical safety is at risk.
  2. to all users of the web site Mattress Machinery Mart as far as necessary to identify the relevant participant as interested in selling/buying certain products or product groups.
  3. as part of aggregated anonymous Mattress Machinery Mart user data (not individually identifiable).

All collected information will be consistently updated and only stored in an identifiable form to the extent necessary in order to pursue the above outlined purposes.

Mattress Machinery Mart may allow transfer of information between registered participants via email. Any buyer/seller wishing to make use of this communication channel with another buyer/seller understands that this information is available to the intended recipient party and Mattress Machinery Mart. In no way will this information be shared with other participants.

The website Mattress Machinery Mart may include links to other web sites (hereinafter referred to as "Linked Sites"). Mattress Machinery Mart shall not share personally identifiable information about participants with the operators of such Linked Sites, but may provide aggregated anonymous information regarding participants to such operators.

3. Disclaimer

Mattress Machinery Mart undertakes to use its best efforts to protect participants' information. Nevertheless, participants of an Auction/ Tender or Classified sale acknowledge that the information entered in and posted through and on the Auction/Tender or Classified sale as well as the web site Mattress Machinery Mart, including, without limitation, items for sale, acceptances and bids will be available to all participants of an Auction/ Tender or Classified sale and users of Mattress Machinery Mart and that Mattress Machinery Mart cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed online. Participants further acknowledge that any information disclosed online inherently is subject to security and privacy limitations.

Mattress Machinery Mart is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of the Linked Sites and hereby expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability which may arise there from.

4. Storage Information and Opting Out

If any personal and/or demographic information is transmitted to third parties pursuant to no. 2, the respective participant will be informed about the identity of the recipient, the kind of personal and/or demographic information transmitted and the purpose of transmission upon transmission.

At any time upon request, the participants shall be informed about:

  1. the kind of identifiable personal and/or demographic information that are being stored about them and processed by Mattress Machinery Mart;
  2. the purposes of processing that information;
  3. the identity of third parties which have been provided with that information;
  4. the origin of that information.

Furthermore, participants may request correction, deletion or blocking of any personal and/or demographic information which is incomplete or incorrect or has not processed in compliance with the Privacy Policy or the applicable laws by sending an email to info@mattressmachinerymart.com to the extent possible and reasonable, third parties that were provided with such information will be informed about any such correction, deletion or blocking.

Participants may at any time oppose the processing of personal and/or demographic information for purposes of direct marketing.

Finally, participants may at any time revoke its consent to the processing of its information and/or request deletion of certain or all personal and/or demographic information previously provided by sending an email to info@mattressmachinerymart.com; provided, however, that Mattress Machinery Mart may continue storage and use of such data if it puts forward a legitimate interest, in particular if the information is necessary to run the Auction/Tender or Classified sale or to fulfil any contractual or statutory obligation. If in the latter case, the participant insists on the deletion of the information, the information will be deleted but the participant may be excluded from the Auction/Tender or Classified sale.

5. Physical Security and Data Security

Mattress Machinery Mart undertakes to use its best technical and organizational efforts that personal and/or demographic information is stored in a secure area with restricted access granted by the IT department. Mattress Machinery Mart secures personal and/or demographic information with firewall protection from outside Internet access with username/password-restricted access to Mattress Machinery Mart's local area network.

Likewise, participants may not disclose or share their Mattress Machinery Mart password with any unauthorized third party. Loss of password control may lead to a loss of control over personally identifiable information, and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on the participant's behalf. Therefore, if a password has been compromised for any reason, it is the participant's responsibility to change the password or inform Mattress Machinery Mart as soon as possible.

6. Correspondence

For further information on any part of this Privacy Policy, the information Mattress Machinery Mart gathers, the practices of the web-site www.mattressmachinerymart.com, or participant dealings with the website www.mattressmachinerymart.com, please do not hesitate to send an email to Mattress Machinery Mart at info@mattressmachinerymart.com. Please note that if you send us personal correspondence, such as emails or letters, or if other participants or third parties send us correspondence about your activities or postings on Mattress Machinery Mart, we may collect such information into a file specific to you.