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Handle Machines

Fanghanel Automation DUO-MAT XL New Model
DUO-MAT XL www.mptgroup.com Multi Function Mattress Handle & Label Attaching (Patent Pending)
More info Enquire Ref: 0000082
Fanghanel PFH-50G Handle Making Machine (new)
www.mptgroup.com Mattress Handle Manufacturing System with guillotine cut to length facility
More info Enquire Ref: 0000089
Kansai Special Twin Needle (2000)
Mattress Handle Making Machine with Kansai Special Sewing Head Folder for Mattress Handle.
More info Enquire Ref: 0000124
Fanghanel PFH-50 Handle Attaching Machine
Mattress Handle Attacher The PFH-50 is designed for manufacturers which seeking to attach handles to borders in an efficient and the most cost effective way for your business. The PFH-50 offers the ability to produce pre-programmed stitch designs onto your handles with a stitch area of 50mm x 40mm.
More info Enquire Ref: 0000079