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HELIX RP-2 Roll Packing Machine (NEW) Ref: 0000085

HELIX RP-2 Roll Packing Machine (NEW)
www.mptgroup.com Spring Unit Bailer Packs Bonnell LFK Pocket units etc...


Spring Unit Bailer

The Helix RP-2 Roll-Pack System provides manufacturers of innerspring units a cost-effective means for packaging spring units for shipping or storage.
The RP-2 requires a single operator and is capable of packing up to 950 innerspring units in a normal 8-hour shift.
Designed to roll pack a variety of spring systems, including Bonnell, double and triple offset, pocket springs, open-end springs and all continuous coil systems.


So what do I get for my Money? The Worlds Most Reliable Roll Packing Machine on the Market Today, So Reliable You Get A 3 year Warranty.

Which Units Can The Machine Roll Pack? It Can Pack All Unit Types, Pockets, Bonnell, LFK, Open Coil, Off Sets & Continuous Wire Units. All units up two meters wide can be packed.

Please email me on atrickett@mptgroup.com or telephone me on +44 7764 627 142